Marie Apparel is an e-commerce retail shop curated by artist Tish Marie Hill.

The fashion house of Marie was created in 2016 to honor Tish Marie's grandmother Marie Belk. Marie is a  Washington D.C. native and original fashionista. Marie has graced D.C. streets for many years turning heads with her sense of fashion. Ms. Belk has contribute to Washington’s local fashion scene for many decades helping to project fashion excellence. By the way... Marie is now 95 years young.

Check us out for unique fashion experiences and curated items.

Please engage and experience shopping during (Live)  social media video events or visit our seasonal pop up shops. 

We are no longer just focusing on apparel  only but accessories too. Please welcome Ear Gear Art (EGA) to the Marie Apparel fashion house.  EGA is a handcrafted leather earring brand, the earrings are made of eco-friendly materials and will last a lifetime. The leather earrings are lightweight statement pieces made with bright colors,excotic leathers and sustainable materials .  Ear Gear Art is a brand  for earring lovers with an addiction to beautiful earrings. 


Marie Apparel and Ear Gear Art are happy to serve fashionistas around the world!