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Many women love the look of a well-crafted dangling earring, but some don’t. Women state the dislike for big earrings for many reasons. Ear Gear Art is a vibrant and bold leather earring brand… we carry an array of sizes. We specialize in head-turning earrings a.k.a. statement pieces. The question is are you willing to try a statement piece? I know Ear Gear Art has a pair of earrings for you.

The context of this blog is to dare to try something new! I understand the reasons some women don’t like big earrings. However, I believe a certain type of woman wear statement pieces and big earrings. A confident, courageous, powerful, magically made melanin goddesses wear Big earrings, that’s my theory. Have you ever asked yourself why you like bold earrings so much?

The history of statement jewelry goes back to the royal families of Egypt. The kings and queen’s jewelry boxes were adorned with chandelier earrings which were a testament to their position in life. Other cultures royal families were similar. When you crave bold earrings know you are channeling your royal ancestors.

Statement Earrings were too a favorite go-to for the famous designer, Coco Chanel which statement jewelry was used to transform many infamous looks. Statement jewelry has been around for a long time and can transform any wardrobe.

A new collection is coming… by the way, titled Iconic. It will debut in a few weeks. Ear Gear Art will pay tribute to Coco Chanel and other great designers alike, we know and love. Yessssss… a new bold collection is coming, get ready.

Get into it…lovebug.

Bottom line, we are a community of Earring Lovers dripping melanin and magic over here b-a-be.


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    Looking forward to see what’s in the new collection!

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