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Fall is approaching and we are still trying to figure out what’s next. All of our lives were turned upside down a couple of months ago. People all over the entire world thoughts are the same… when will life return to normal.

Life may never return to the place we once knew or exactly how we knew it. One thing for certain we can reflect on, amid all the ugliness in the world, is our beauty. We as people are resilient, creative, and a force. The melanin that flows through our skin is light to this world, our black brilliance is power. The power of our light is our ability to love, inject happiness, and the good we do every day. We must straighten our crowns and continue to support and uplift each other.
The path and journey the world is on is uncertain but please be certain of your beauty.

Take time with yourself and love ones, we never know, how long we have them around. Moisturize your skin, eat well, oil your kinky, curly hair, and put on your Ear Gear. Be the light in your household and community for kindness is what the world needs. As you read this, I hope you and your families are well, balanced, and blessed.

Some of us are struggling and I pray for your strength and to be uplifted. The wind blows in different directions, some of us are finding blessings beyond our wildest dreams. No matter how the wind blows, we must give ourselves applause for keeping our heads on straight and looking good while we endure these crazy times.

As we embark on this new season Ear Gear Art hopes to inject a little joy into your daily lives. As an advocate Earring Lover, I look forward to completing my daily look with a darling pair of earrings. No matter, if I’m wearing a mask, not wearing makeup or my hair is in a hat…I need my earrings on. I need my earrings when I’m on a zoom call, having virtual cocktails with my girlz, and for my selfie pics. I need my earrings to show the world that I am bold, beautiful and a force to be reckoned. My earrings are an entire mood and my mood this season is Iconic. Ear Gear Art is happy to bring the Iconic collection to you. The collection was inspired by some of the great fashion houses. Yes, the CC earrings or LV letters are seen on Instagram are a part of the Iconic collection. We are currently in production and we are about to give you what you want.

I don’t know what this season has in store for us all but Ear Gear Art is here for it all.

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Signing off until next time

-Tish Marie Hill


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