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The smell of fresh cut grass,flowers blooming and less clothing to show off sun bathed skin are all signs of spring .  I already feel the crisp breeze blowing through my silk slip dress and the sun kissing my all white shell top addias :)

Okay fashionistas... spring is coming!!!! Marie Apparel has what you need to take this spring season by storm. Spring fashion is all about bright colors, ruffles, stripes, flared and wide sleeve tops and bottoms.  Choose the right piece of clothing and make your outfit a work of art. I believe start an outfit with classic pieces and build trends into your look. For example pair a wide-leg pant with a cool t-shirt or a pleated skirt with a  patched denim shirt. 

Bright colors are always poplar during warmer seasons but the highlight hue this springs is yellow! Lime yellow to be exact however red too!! Red hues appeared on runways and are the best go to colors to make a bold statement. Stripes are a trend that  fab fashionistas can pull off with bright colors and red hues. To add a touch of glam to your life add ruffles. It does not matter if you add a ruffle dress, shirt or cute sweat suit it's all cute and must be added to your closet. 

Last tip... grab a wide-leg pant or flared sleeve top and show off your shoulders.  :)

Now this is one of my first blog post of many but I would love to know what you think. Please feel free to dm me on social media or drop an email to boutiquemarie2016@gmail.com    

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